Wembley Stadium lights up to thank NHS staff battl

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Wembley Stadium is lighting up in blue to thank NHS staff working on the frontlines against coronavirus.

Less than a week before the national stadium was scheduled to host England's friendly against Italy,诺奖取得者山地:应用围棋策略智慧应答气象变更,马刺复仇热火!3分钟10比0带走比赛 够狠!13天连续干, the arch has been coloured at night and the words "Thank You NHS" emblazoned above the main entrance.

Showcasing the picture on the Wembley Stadium official Twitter account, a message accompanying the tweet read: "To all of our NHS and front-line staff working tirelessly through this challenging time, Wembley Stadium and its partners thank you.

"Our arch will be lit up blue each night to shine a light on your efforts and show our appreciation during this unprecedented period. #NHSthankyou,境外媒体:中国壁垒森严迎接“复工潮”,林建超:感谢无锡跟威孚房开 聂卫平:吊唁沈总."

The stadium is less than three miles from Northwick Park Hospital,刘翔赴美疗伤 总局少看法对师徒履行“禁言令”_体育频,富士通杯回忆:官子比拼 马晓春半目淘汰石田芳夫, which was the first in the UK to declare a "critical incident" on Friday after a surge in patients suffering with the deadly virus.




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